These Sub Zero rated Garden Gloves feature a very comfortable warm lining

Acrylic Wool liner for cold weather work

Available in various sizes

The more you buy, the cheaper the price (per unit)
Our Gardening Thermal Winter Potting Gloves are beautifully comfortable, very warm and have great 'feel' allowing you to perform even the most careful jobs.


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Gardening Thermal Winter Potting Gloves


You wont be disappointed with these winter working gloves.


Perfect for working with plants and soil.

The Gardening Thermal Winter Potting Gloves are a nice, snug fit around your fingers allowing you to work with small cuttings and remove those small fiddly weeds!


Certified for EN511

The EN511 standard defines the requirements and test methods for gloves which protect against convective or conductive cold down to -50°C. This cold can be linked to climatic conditions or industrial activity. This Gardening Thermal Winter Potting Gloves have been given a rating of 0-1-0 which means a standard rating for resistance to contact cold.

Remains flexible to -50°C

The coating formulation that these Gardening Thermal Winter Potting Gloves have mean they will remain soft in temperatures to as low as -50°C.


Multi-Layered ‘Gripmaster’ technology

The palms on these Gardening Thermal Winter Potting Gloves feature a High Grip material in all weather conditions.

*** Please note that because these particular gloves are fleecy lined inside, it makes a medium size feel more like a small. In the same way, a large will feel slightly smaller – a bit like a medium, etc.


Machine washable

Able to be washes many times over, this allows you to extend the lifespan of the Gardening Thermal Winter Potting Gloves making them brilliant value for your hard-earned money.


Mechanical Hazard Certified ENN388

The EN388 standard applies to all types of protective gloves with respect to mechanical aggression from abrasion, cutting, tearing and puncture. These ratings are calculated from lab test results and do not replace the actual testing of the products in real conditions arising from use in the field. The results do however enable you to compare the performance between products. The Sub Zero Thermal Winter Glove has a EN388 rating of  3-2-2-2.  Basically they are rated ‘Very Good’ against Abrasion, ‘Good’ against blade cuts, ‘Good’ against tearing and ‘Good’ against puncture.


Acrylic Wool Liner

They will keep your hands and fingers very warm because of the acrylic wool liner inside. Rated for sub-zero temperatures.


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